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Welcome to the website of Reading East Probus Club which recently celebrated its 30th anniversary.

The purpose of this website is to tell you about our Probus club, to explain what sort of social activities we undertake and for whom our club caters.

About Probus - a description of the Probus movement.

Reading East Probus Club - a description of the Club.

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So what do we have going on?

For the Latest News and a list of forthcoming events and visits please read our Current Newsletter

Archive of old Newsletters
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Lunch Calendar for 2023

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To download a leaflet with more information about Probus click here ⤑ Additional information.

For more information about the Reading East Club please contact the Membership Secretary whose e-mail is on the Committee Members page

Buddy scheme
      [The documents explaining the "buddy scheme" can be found on the Members only page]

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