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Future Speaker Schedule

Until Covid-19 restrictions are lifted and we can resume our normal lunch meetings, future talks will be given using Zoom and have been rescheduled to start at 10:00.

Date Speaker Topic
26/07/2021 Tom Way  (Zoom)  at 10:00 Tooth, Claw and Mane
23/08/2021 Resumption of lunches NO SPEAKER
27/09/2021 Graham Horn History of the Restoration of the Kennett and Avon Canal
25/10/2021 Alan Penn The Nuclear Powered Heart Pacemaker
22/11/2021 Jaye Windmill The Story of the Siege of Troy
20/12/2021 Stewart Linford The Remarkable story of our National
chair: The Windsor.
24/01/22 Paul Joyce The History of Printing in Reading
28/02/22 Andrew Warde Explore the Palace of Westminster
28/03/22 Anne Green Jessel Lost Lidos
25/04/22 John Ledger Albert Einstein — Relatively Speaking

Page updated 30th June 2021.

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