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Future Speaker Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
23/10/23 Dr Stephen Goss 'No tolerance of undeserving rank and splendour': the wit and satire of Gilbert & Sullivan
27/11/23 Gordon Rogers The Sky at Night, with a Laugh
18/12/23 Sally Hughes The Mill at Sonning Theatre
22/01/24 Alan Harland Brunel: Father and Son
26/02/24 Dr Kathryn Harkup Vampires
25/03/24 Cortina Penn HIV. Enduring Misconceptions
22/04/24 Mike Cooper Maiwand: The Battle and the Great Game.
20/05/24 TBA
24/06/24 Alan Penn Your NHS; A Revolutionary Act
22/07/24 TBA
19/08/24 Jenny Mallin South Parade and my ancestors
23/09/24 Professor Michael Fulford Iron Age and Roman Silchester: results of recent research
28/10/24 Robin John Puccini - the man and his music.

Recent Past Speakers

Date Speaker Topic
25/09/23 Dananjaya Silva Tea and World War 2
21/08/23 Richard Marks An Eclectic Extravaganza: Victorians at Leisure
24/07/23 Alan Jones Tales of a roving reporter
26/06/23 Tom Way Wildlife on your Doorstep
23/05/23 Steve Tonkin Time and Calendars
24/04/2023 Garry Wykes Treasures and the Tower
27/03/23 Bridget Britton The RNLI: From Oars to Engines.
27/02/23 Chris Ward From Kashmir to Ladakh via the scenic route
23/01/23 Nigel Poole The Glorious Revolution
19/12/22 Richard Greenaway The 1950s
28/11/22 John Ledger Albert Einstein – Relatively Speaking
24/10/22 Mike Luff A journey through Ethiopa

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