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Future Speaker Schedule

In view of continuing restrictions due to Covid-19, some future talks have been rescheduled to start at 10:00 and will be given using Zoom. The Christmas talk has been cancelled. The Committee is considering an alternative event and will, of course, keep all matters under review.

Date Speaker Topic
28/09/2020 Chris Ward  (Zoom)  at 10:00 A brief excursion through Namibia.
26/10/2020 Nicholas Brazil  (Zoom)   at 10:00 Jordan – a young country in an ancient land
23/11/2020 Antony Wood  (Zoom)   at 10:00 Colonel Sir Francis Younghusband
21/12/2020 TBA
25/01/2021 David Tinker Milestones – pointing the way; from before the Romans to now
22/02/2021 Richard Bennett / Brigadier Tony Verey /
Capt Andrew French
Trooper Potts VC
22/03/2021 Mervyn Edwards My book - Walking The Beat to Nirvana
26/04/2021 Anna Rzemieniecka Behind the scenes of the Red Cross
24/05/2021 Anne Green Jessell Lost Lidos
28/06/2021 Richard Stainthorp A History of Reading Gaols
26/07/2021 Stewart Linford The Remarkable story of our National chair: The Windsor.
23/08/2021 Tom Way Tooth, Claw and Mane

Page updated 26th August 2020.

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