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Future Speaker Schedule

In view of the continuing spread of Covid-19, and the government's advice on self-isolation - especially for people over 70 years of age - all events have been cancelled for the next 4 months. The Committee will, of course, keep matters under review.

Date Speaker Topic
26/10/2020 Nicholas Brazil Jordan – a young country in an ancient land
23/11/2020 Antony Wood Colonel Sir Francis Younghusband
21/12/2020 Jo Bradshaw Everest, the earthquake, and what happened next
25/01/2021 David Tinker Milestones – pointing the way; from before the Romans to now
22/02/2021 Richard Bennett / Brigadier Tony Verey /
Capt Andrew French
Trooper Potts VC
22/03/2021 Mervyn Edwards My book - Walking The Beat to Nirvana
26/04/2021 Anna Rzemieniecka Behind the scenes of the Red Cross
24/05/2021 Anne Green Jessell Lost Lidos
28/06/2021 Richard Stainthorp A History of Reading Gaols
26/07/2021 Stewart Linford The Remarkable story of our National chair: The Windsor.
23/08/2021 Tom Way Tooth, Claw and Mane

Page updated 11th June 2020.

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