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The restricted Members Only section of the website, which requires a username and password for access, is where archived Newsletters can be found. The username and password can be obtained from the Speakers' Secretary.

The Buddy Scheme
      The Buddy Charter is available to view and download here.
      You can also view or download the Buddy presentation and also the Consent form agreeing to be involved in the scheme.

Paper by Professor Givens
  You can download here a paper on "The importance of milk and dairy foods in the diets of infants, adolescents, pregnant women, and the elderly" by Professor Givens, who gave our talk in January 2021.

Brooklands Museum
  Members might find some interest in browsing the web site of Brooklands Museum.

Discovering London
  Those of you who are inspired to discover more about London after listening to Andrew Warde's talk on 28th February 2022 might like to have a look at the Guided London Walks website which lists a number of walks taking place in 2024 - most of them guided by Andrew - as well as houses and palaces worth visiting. You will see from the schedule of speakers that Andrew will be giving us another talk in May 2024.

Page updated: 3rd April 2024

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